امام صادق علیه السلام : اگر من زمان او (حضرت مهدی علیه السلام ) را درک کنم ، در تمام زندگی و حیاتم به او خدمت می کنم.
Attraction of Love

Attraction of Love

Because of the attraction love is possessing, the beloved one attracts the lover and consequently the thought and the doctrines of the beloved one are being given life in the heart of the lover. In this respect the more the love becomes strong the more the spiritual compatibility of the lover and the beloved one become stronger.

Base on this, if the love has become strong there will be a kind of tensile that is attracting and drawing the lover and the beloved one towards each other to the extent both of them will have impact on each other. For instance between twins that enjoyed love and cooperation and their spirit are closer to each other; there is more impact in the state of each an every one of them.

There is a lady living in London that was unexpectedly become sick. The sickness was so serious that the physician detected that her pain is a symptom of labor (pain for delivery a child). She was admitted in the hospital and after research and diagnosing it became obvious that she is single without husband! Meanwhile the medical checkup also shows that she is not pregnant; but she is still in hospital admission suffering from pain and was covered from head to toe as a result of cold.

She took some hours of the physician before her pain calm down. Later she laughed and said: I am at ease now that the new child is a baby boy! Initially the physician thought they were treating a mad lady but after investigation it became cleared to them that there is no any sign of madness in her.

Meanwhile another discovery then is that that very time which she is suffering from pain in London and went to the hospital, her twin sister that is residing in Vienna   the capital of Austria was having pain out of labor; she referred to the hospital and was admitted and after some hours she delivered a baby boy.[1]

These are the situation of the impact of the compatible and intensive love between two people. Some times due to intensive love, the lover will abandoned material restrictions so that he reach the demand of the beloved one who is in far distance from him or her; so, just as some time the hotness of fever is a means of exiting the soul from the body and the cause of perceiving the unseen issues, that is how the heat of love remove the lover from the apparent world and push him or her towards the beloved one.

Reaching and seeing the beloved one is as a result of the impact of attraction and tensile that is created due to the intensiveness of the love.

Some times love causes many scientific discoveries; therefore relation, intensive desire and wishes of the scholars in discovering the unknown thing are one of the effected means for obtaining their destinations.

In another expression; love and intensive desire assist the scholars in solving scientific issues and unseal the unresolved problems likewise it also serve as means of inaugurating every day scientific problems and as a result of that they will discover it from their research.

[1] - Aja’ib Hissi Shishom : 34.



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