Imam sadIiq: IF I Percieve his time I will serve him in all of my life days

اللَّهُمَّ کُنْ لِوَلِیِّکَ الحُجَةِ بنِ الحَسَن، صَلَواتُکَ علَیهِ و عَلی آبائِهِ، فِی هَذِهِ السَّاعَةِ وَ فِی کُلِّ سَاعَةٍ، وَلِیّاً وَ حَافِظاً وَ قَائِداً وَ نَاصِراً وَ دَلِیلًا وَ عَیْناً، حَتَّى تُسْکِنَهُ أَرْضَکَ طَوْعاً وَ تُمَتعَهُ فِیهَا طَوِیلا
What is our responsibilities in the context of prayers for the hasty reappearance of Imam Zamana (May Allah hastened his reappearance)?
Whether the narration in which it is mentioned that Imam Zamana will be martyred by a woman is correct or not?
Do the vicegerency of the Prophet’s household has the authority upon the humans only or do they have the authority upon all the creation?
If the vicegerency of the Household of the Holy Prophet (AS) was offered when whatever had been created had the intellect, how can we say that the authority of the Aal-Allah is upon all the possible creation and being?
Is it true that in Tay al-Ardh, the objectivity is separated so that the Tay al-Ardh can take place?
To fulfil my wish, I have strived very hard and even performed Lenten however my wish was not fulfilled, what should I do?
State on of the most important obligations for the Shias in the time of Occultation?
Describe one of the intresting facts about the usurpation of the khilafat by the Sheikhain.
Since when Hazrat Abu Talib had faith in the Prophet Hood of Mohammad (SAWW)?
What does “بحجابک الرومي” means in the other Dua e Ahad
What are the positive effects of severe problems?
Does («اللهم صلّ علی محمّد حجّتک فی أرضک») in the Ziyarat e Aal e Ya’seen refers to the holy Prophet Mohammad (saww) of Imam Zamana (ATFS)?
Does the prayer for the hasty reappearance of Imam Zamana (ATFS) contradicts with this sentence ((وصبّرنی علی ذلک حتی لا احبّ تعجیل ما اخّرت ولا تأخیر ما عجّلت)) in the prayer of occultation?
Does not the command of praying for the hasty reappearance of Imam (ATFS) contradicts with his own narration («وأما ظهور الفرج فإنّه إلی الله»)?
At the time of reappearance of Imam Zamana (ATFS), will there be no tyrants and tyranny and oppression?
Islamic calendar
Month Muharram 1446
1 Muharram
1- Beginning of Luner Hegira year. 2-Abraha ’s attack on holy Mecca for disappearing Kaaba (B.Hegira 53). 3-Holy prophet (peace be upou him) and Banee_Hashem being surrounded at the mountain of Abutaleb (7 prophetic mission). 4-Death of Mohammed Ibn Hanifa , the son of Imam Ali (AS) (81 A.H). 5-the commencement of the mourning for Imam Husain (A.S.) 6-The battle of Zaat Al-Reqaa’, 4 A.H. (according to a narration) 7-The first day to collect the Zakat (tax) in Islam by the order of the Prophet (p.b.u.h.), 9 A.H 8-Imam Husain (A.S.) descended from his horse while he was on his way to Karbala at the castle of Bani Maqatil near the tent of Abdullah bin Hur Jo’fi, 61 A.H. 9-The people of Medina revolted against Yazid (L.A.) after the martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S), 63 A.H 10-Imam Raza (A.S.) narrates for Ibne Shabeeb about the sanctity of the month of Muharram and in what manner the ummah had done injustice to the household of the holy prophet in this month 11-The prayers of Prophet Zakariyah about the birth of Prophet Yahiya (p.b.u.t.) was answered 12-The ascension of Prophet Idris (p.b.u.h.) to the Skies 13-The Tawwabeen (those who repented) marched in the leadership of Suleiman bin Surd to avenge the blood of Imam Husain (A.S.), 65 A.H.
2 Muharram
1-Arriving Imam Hosein (AS) in Karbala (61 A.H). 2-Imam Jawad (A.S.) reached Baghdad from Medina by the orders of Motasim (L.A.), 220 A.H. (according to a narration).
3 Muharram
1-Arriving Umar Ibn Saad ’s forces in Karbala (61 A.H) . 2-Prophet Yusuf (p.b.u.h.) was rescued from the well 3-Prophet Yunus (p.b.u.h.) was rescued from the stomach of the fish
4 Muharram
1-The sermon of Abdullah bin Ziyad (L.A.) in the mosque of Kufa to instigate people to fight against Imam Husain (L.A.), 61 A.H
5 Muharram
1-Invitation of Ibne Ziyad to Shabs bin Rabi’ee (L.A.) to fight Imam Husain (A.S.), 61 A.H 2-The river was cleaved for Prophet Musa (p.b.u.h.) and the nation of Bani Israel and the drowning of Fir’on and his army 3-Birth of Habeel the son of Prophet Adam (p.b.u.t.)
6 Muharram
1-Gathering of the corps (thirty thousand or twenty two thousand men, according to the different narrations) against Imam Husain (A.S.) in Karbala, 61 A.H 2-Invitartion to Habib ibne Mazahir (R.A.), who is from the clan of Bani Asad to help Imam Husain (A.S.), 61 A.H
7 Muharram
1-Preventing Imam Hossein (AS) from water (61 A.H) 2-Obaidllah-Ibn Ziad ’s letter to Umar-Ibn Saad whit regard to being sever whit Imam Hossein (AS) (61 A.H) 3-Conversation of Almighty Allah with Prophet Musa (p.b.u.h.) on the Mount Toor
8 Muharram
1-Imam Hossein (AS) ’s visit to Umar-Ibn Saad (61 A.H) 2-Arriving Imam Mohammed Taqi (AS) in Baghdad , according to Motasam Abbasy asking (220 A.H)
9 Muharram
1-Refusing Hazrat Abbas (AS) and his brothers to accept enemy ’s Safety- letter (61 A.H) 2-Order to public attack on Imam Hossein ’s Tents by Umar-Ibn Saad (61 A.H) 3-Tasuwa (61 A.H) 4-The tents of Imam Husain (A.S.) was surrounded, 61 A.H 5-Letter of Ibne Ziyad to Umar bin Sa’ad through Shimr (L.A.), 61 A.H 6-Sermon of Imam Husain (A.S.) for his loyal companion at mid-day, 61 A.H
10 Muharram
1-Beginning battle of Zat-Alregha (5 A.H) 2-Ashura-doleful event of Karbala-Marrydom of Imam Hossein and his family and Companions (AS) (61 A.H) 3-Crimes of Umar-Ibn Saad ’s forces at Ashura evening (10 th Moharram) (61 A.H) 4-Obeidoollah being killed by Mokhtar Saghafy ’s Army (67 A.H) 5-A Massive massacre by the Umayyad’s on the tenth of Muharram, 135 A.H 6-Imam Husain (A.S.) gave the tidings to his companion about their resurrection in the time of reappearance of Imam Zaman (May our lives be sacrificed upon him) to take revenge from the tyrants 7-The supplication of Imam Sadiq (A.S.) for Imam Zaman (May our lives be sacrificed upon him) on the ninth of Muharram 8-Allah made Imam Zaman (May our lives be sacrificed upon him) evident upon the angels from his throne when his holiness was engaged in prayers after the martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S.), 61 A.H. 9-Seventy thousand angels pray for the pilgrims of Imam Husain (A.S.) from the day of Ashura until the reappearance of Imam Zaman (May our lives be sacrificed upon him), 61 A.H 10-The Islamic nation did not became victorious on the day of Eid Al-Qurbaan and Eid Al-Fitr after the martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S.), 61 A.H 11-Reappearance of Imam Zaman (May our lives be sacrificed upon him) on Saturday between the pillars of holy Kaaba and the place of prophet Ibrahim (p.b.u.h.). 12-The companions of Imam Zaman (May our lives be sacrificed upon him) will enter Mecca to pay their allegiance to the Imam on tenth of Muharram in the year of His reappearance 13-Angel Gabriel descends upon the Al-Hateem of Kaaba as the first one to pay his allegiance to Imam (A.S.) on the tenth of Moharrum in the year of Imam’s reappearance. 14-First sermon of Imam Zaman (May our lives be sacrificed upon him) after midday of the tenth of Moharrum while he rests his back upon the wall of the holy Kaaba 15-Ending the story of the Bani Shaibah through Imam Zaman (May our lives be sacrificed upon him) on the tenth of Moharrum addressing them as the thieves of Kaaba 16-Imam Husain (A.S.) and his companion remained awake for worshipping on the night before the tenth of Moharrum, 61 A.H 17-The conversation of Lady Zainab (S.A.) with Imam Husain (A.S.) on the night before the tenth of Moharrum, 61 A.H 18-Evidence of miracle after the martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S.) like the darkening of the skies and stars becoming evident after the martyrdom of Imam (A.S.). 19-Umar ibne Saad (L.A.) sent the head of Imam Husain (A.S.) to Kufa, 61 A.H 20-Mourning memorial was organised in the Baghdad by the orders of Moazza Ad-Daulah Dailmi, 352 A.H 21-Heavenly abode of Lady Umme Salmah (S.A.), 62/63 A.H. (according to a narration)
11 Muharram
1-Captivity of remains of Karbala ’s Martyrs from Karbala to Kufa (61 A.H) 2-Ibne Ziyaad gave the order to bring the head of Imam Husain (A.S.) in the court, 61 A.H
12 Muharram
1-Martyrdom of Imam Zainul ’Abideen (AS) according to a relation (95 A.H) 2-Arriving the Captives of Karbala in kufa (61 A.H)
13 Muharram
1-Burial of Imam Hossein (AS) and the rest martyrs of Karbala (61 A.H) 2-The event of Hurra (63 A.H) 3-Martyrdom of Abdullah Ibn Afif Azody (61 A.H) 4-Burial of holy bodies of Karbala ’s martyrs. 5-The prisoners from the Karbala was made to enter into the court of Ibne Ziyaad (L.A.) in kufa, 61 A.H 6-Ibne Ziyaad (L.A.) sent a letter to the ruler of Medina informing him about the assassination of Imam Husain (A.S.), 61 A.H
15 Muharram
1-Occurance of battle of Khaibar (7 A.H) 2-Heavenly Abode of Prophet Adam (A.S.) 3-Mu’awiyah entered Siffeen with an army of seventy three thousand men to battle against the army of the commander of the faithful (A.S.)
16 Muharram
1-Al-Aqsa mosque was designated as the first qibla (the direction in which they pray) for the Muslims in the first year of B’esat
17 Muharram
1-Torments was descended upon the elephant’s companion
18 Muharram
1-Prophet Suleiman (A.S.) sent Hadd to the kingdom of Sabaa’
19 Muharram
1-Moving the Carvan of Captives of Karbala to Sham (61 A.H) 2-Imam Hasan (A.S.) was given poison by the hands of Jo’dah (L.A.), 50 A.H
20 Muharram
1-The body of Jon, who was a companion of Imam Husain (A.S.), after ten days of his martyrdom (according to a narration from Imam Baqar (A.S.)) which smelt like perfume in it, 61 A.H
22 Muharram
1-Arriving Hazrat Imam Ali (AS) at Seffin for Campaining against Muawiyah ’s forces (37 A.H)
23 Muharram
1-Demolition of court of holy shrine of two Askary Imams by the Wahabb: with putting Bomb in the holy shrine (1427 A.H) 2-Fleeing of Abu Bakr and Umar in the battle of Khaibar, 7 A.H 3-The companion of the Kahf woke up after 309 years 4-Death of Mahdi Abbasid, 169 A.H
25 Muharram
1-Martyrdom of Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) (95 A.H) 2-Death of Mohammad Ameen Abbasid in the battle against his brother Mamoon (L.A.), 198 A.H
26 Muharram
1-Martyrdom of Seyed Ali Ibn Hassan mosalath in posterities of Imam Hassan Mujtaba in prison of Mansoor Dawaneqi (149 A.H) 2-Kaaba was surrounded and stoned by the army of Yazid (L.A.), 64 A.H
27 Muharram
1-Heavenly Abode of Lady Hawwa (Eve) (S.A.).
28 Muharram
1-Arriving Imam Mohammed Taqi (AS) in Baghdad according to Motasam Abbasi Asking (220 A.H) 2-Heavenly Abode of Huziafah bin Yamaan, a companion of the commander of the faithful (A.S.), 36 A.H 3-Death of Motasim Abbasid by the hands of Halako and the downfall of the Abbasid dynasty, 656 A.H
29 Muharram
1-Sermon of Imam Sajjad (A.S.) in Shaam (present day Syria) and gave the tidings about the reappearance of Imam Zaman (May our lives be sacrificed upon him), 61 A.H 2-The prisoners of Karbala reached near Shaam, 61 A.H
30 Muharram
1-Death of Jafar bin Yahiya Barmaki by the commands of Haroon Rasheed (L.A.)
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